BPK 021: Feminist Porn Director Erika Lust

In this episode we talk with feminist porn pioneer Erika Lust. You may know her recently from the Netflix series Hot Girls Wanted or her TedTalk entitled “It’s Time For Porn To Change”. Erika is vanguard in the erotic film industry and discusses topics like diversity, countering its phallocentric trend, and the future.

Learn more about Erika Lust’s movement at ErikaLust.com

Follow her on Twitter @ErikaLust

BPK 019: Optimist Prime Pt.2 w/ Off the Cuffs

In this episode we teamed up with OffTheCuffs, friends of another awesome kinky podcast and had a blast! We talked about everything kinky. Thats why we decided to break it up into two episodes. Part 1 of the episode Optimist Prime is hosted with our friends OffTheCuffs podcast. You can go check it out here (or iTunes, GooglePlay, Soundcloud) and then come back and listen to Part 2 right here! Hope you enjoy…we did!

BPK 018: A Kinky Walk Thru History with Different Loving author Dr. Gloria Brame

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we chat and relax with Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission author, Dr. Gloria Brame. While being a longstanding reference for many in the kink community, it has globally been recognized as a breakthrough in sexual literature, and a complete, comprehensive user-friendly guide to and tour through the world of alternative sexual lifestyles. Gloria shares with us her personal kink journey.

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Check out some Dr. Brame’s work including A Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission

BPK 016: The Chronicles of NARIX

In this episode of BPK, we meet up with representatives of NARIX (North American Rope Innovation Exchange). NARIX is a tightly focused conference with the goal of bringing together the most dedicated rope lovers from across North America to share, learn, discuss, experiment, and explore the many facets of rope bondage and the rope bondage community.

Next NARIX conference is November 18-20, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA

Check out NARIX.org or NARIXHost !

For more info contact NARIX Director of Communications Cherise


BPK 015: SwingTowns.com – Let Your Freak Flag Fly

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we laugh it up with Swingtowns.com creator, Jay Love while discussing website origins, internet influences on swinging / kink and the future of polyamory.

BPK Summer 17′

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BPK 014: Cigars, Boots & Chocolate on the Porch

In the episode we take a field trip to a kink friendly event to a somewhat unusual location. Two fetlife groups- Cigar, Boots & Chocolate / Cigars on the Porch – teamed up to host a kink and cigar event at premium cigar lounge, Cigars International in PA.

Podcast Guests ( by FetLife profile when provided)






and James Cambino Asst Bar Manager for Cigars International

This podcast episode is dedicated in the memory of Action_Bastard. Gone too soon. (Rope shop mentioned in podcast Bastard_Ropes)


BPK 013: Becoming Kinky Friends with author Nicholas Tanek

While discussing Nicholas Tanek’s book Your Kinky Friends, we laugh, cry and reminisce cherished true kinky love.

Reach out to Nicholas Tanek on Twitter @NicholasTanek

BPK 012: A Lovely Chat with UK Author/Kinkster Catherine Scott

This episode we talk with British author of the popular book Thinking Kink: The Collision of BDSM, Feminism and Popular Culture, Catherine Scott.

Follow Catherine Scott on Twitter