BPK 008: Black Pervert Documentary?

During the course of our research to find all things Colorful and Kinky, we happened upon an interesting project. The project, which began back in 2013, was a documentary entitled BLACK PERVERT which sought to chronicle the intersection of Kink in the lives of black folks from all walks of life. Apparently, it was intended to be a feature length film, but all we could find was a short snippet of the project to come. What happened? Was the movie ever finished? If not, why not? We had to know. Fortunately, we tracked down the producer for the project, TRUE, now living in New Orleans, LA and found out the rest of the story….


Contact info:


FetLife BlackPervertDoc


BPK 006: Dr. “French Vanilla”

In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Elisabeth Sheff about her own personal kink journey, barriers to people of color in kink, and her work as a legal advocate for polyamorous people with children.

One of the many interesting papers Dr. Sheff has written concerning race and kink is

The Privilege of perversities: race, class and education among polyamorists and kinksters

Her works can also be seen on Psychology Today.

You can follow Dr. Eli Sheff @DrEliSheff

BPK 005: The Critical Polyamorist

A conversation with Dr. Kimberly Tallbear discussing issues within kink and polyamory as it relates to Native American/Indigenous People vs. dominant culture.

Dr. Kim Tallbear’s blog The Critical Polyamorist

You can follow her on Twitter @CriticalPoly

BPK 004: Protocols, Kink and Fetishes

In this episode of BPK, we talk about some of the specific protocols in our relationship and discuss Financial Domination.

Financial Domination Article

The Independent – What is Findom? A submissive man explains the fetish

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