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BlackPeopleKink (BPK) is dedicated to exploring, celebrating, embracing, and encouraging the free expression of sexuality for all, and creating a welcoming place for people of color in the world of BDSM/kink lifestyle. While maintaining an environment that is meant to be open and welcoming for everyone, we endeavor to provide honest and enlightening perspectives on issues of race, sex, lifestyle choices.

We welcome and encourage our audiences to become involved. Feel free to submit writings, comments, questions, event information, etc.


The Hosts

Dominus Blue – Polyamorous Dominant in the lifestyle for over 20 years.


Fetlife – Dominus_Blue

Twitter – @blackpeoplekink

Email – Dominusblue77@gmail.com

Instagram – dominus_blue


baby j – Polyamorous bisexual submissive in the lifestyle for 15 years.

Fetlife – DBsbabyj

Twitter – @dbsbabyj

Email – dbsbabyj@gmail.com

Instagram – dbsbabyj

Recent Posts

BPK 031: Drunkast Pt 1

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we drink, take shots, and drink some more while we ask each other sexual truth or dare type questions. Enjoy!

As we wind down 2017 and Season 1, we wanted to give our fans a glimpse of us in action….having fun and keepin’ it kinky. Check us out and click the link below for a surprise BONUS VIDEO!!! Let us know you saw it by leaving a like/comment on our video.💙💜

Bonus Youtube Video

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