BPK 034: Black Rose D/s Discussion Group Visit

We sat in with the Black Rose D/s Discussion group and had a fantastic time talking with other D/s couples and singles about the significance of collaring ceremonies. Later we caught up with group leaders Dave and MJ to talk about the origins the group.

Black Rose D/s Special Interest Group

BPK 033: Courtney Watson, Kinky Sex Therapist

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we enjoy speaking with Courtney Watson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area. We discuss how professional sexual therapy can help those in the kink community.

If you liked what we discussed here and feel like it can be the beginning of a grounding into your sexual truth, I’d like to offer you a free gift to help you on your journey and increase your sexual confidence. If you text SEXUALCONFIDENCE to 44222, you will receive a 21 day affirmation guide geared toward increasing your sexual confidence. You can also access the affirmation guide through my website. This freebie provides daily affirmations for 21 days- which research shows is about how long it takes to create a habit. The affirmations are designed to help you feel empowered, validated and encouraged about your sexual self. In signing up you’ll also receive a quarterly newsletter from me with popular blog posts, social media snap shots and information about any upcoming workshops or therapy groups I may be hosting in the future. I’m always posting cool articles on FB about sexuality and mental health that are specifically geared to POC and the black community.

To schedule an appointment with Courtney do not hestitate to call 510-463-4471 for your free 20 minute phone consultation or visit her website at www.doorwaytherapeutics.com. You can also find Courtney on Facebook and Instagram @doorwaytherapeutics and Pinterest @ doorwaytherapy.

BPK 032: Drunkast Pt 2

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, enjoy Pt 2 of our Drunkast. As the moonshine in the mason jar lowers..so do our inhibitions! Enjoy and let us know what you think.

BPK 031: Drunkast Pt 1

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we drink, take shots, and drink some more while we ask each other sexual truth or dare type questions. Enjoy!

As we wind down 2017 and Season 1, we wanted to give our fans a glimpse of us in action….having fun and keepin’ it kinky. Check us out and click the link below for a surprise BONUS VIDEO!!! Let us know you saw it by leaving a like/comment on our video.💙💜

Bonus Youtube Video

BPK 030: Cabin Pressure

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we are heading back, finish up our cruise and discuss the pressure of a slave trying to be perfect for their Master.

BPK 029: KeepinIt1000

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, still cruising the Atlantic on our way to Cozumel, baby j and I honestly discuss being polyamorous and how adding another person to our relationship would affect our dynamic.

BPK 028: Boats and Booty #CozumelCruise

In this episode of BlackPeoplenk.com Podcast, join us on our Caribbean cruise! While turning it up in Miami, Key West, and Cozumel, we discuss gender competition, Does Size Really Matter, and begin to explore the intricacies of female orgasms.

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BPK 027: Discipline & Punishment

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, baby j and I discuss the need for discipline and punishment, the differences between them, and their positive effects within our relationship.

BPK 026- Raceplay Perspectives of a Black Male submissive

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we conclude our conversation about Raceplay with perspectives from a Black Male submissive.

BPK 025- Raceplay Discussion with Missy Plantation Pt 2

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we continue our conversation with Raceplay Dominant Missy Plantation about her views on the subject.

Check out Missy Plantation on FetLife