BPK 028: Boats and Booty #CozumelCruise

In this episode of BlackPeoplenk.com Podcast, join us on our Caribbean cruise! While turning it up in Miami, Key West, and Cozumel, we discuss gender competition, Does Size Really Matter, and begin to explore the intricacies of female orgasms.

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One thought on “BPK 028: Boats and Booty #CozumelCruise

  1. I am _Asha_ and I admire your dynamic very much, I wanted You and baby j to know. I wanted to share that it is very difficult to find people of color serious about the lifestyle. Those who approach me it is obvious they only want sex. This may be the reason I do not search anymore but educate myself more on being the best sub I can be for MYSELF. So I say that to say it is refreshing to view a Black Kink/BDSM couple with protocol. Happy New Year. 😌

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