BPK 015: SwingTowns.com – Let Your Freak Flag Fly

In this episode of BlackPeopleKink.com Podcast, we laugh it up with Swingtowns.com creator, Jay Love while discussing website origins, internet influences on swinging / kink and the future of polyamory.

BPK Summer 17′

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2 thoughts on “BPK 015: SwingTowns.com – Let Your Freak Flag Fly

  1. Love jay love , he’s so real, down to earth. An amazing person, who is understand and support of all kinds. His website is one of a kind and very informative. Its great for all kind of people that are wanting to explore or have more to life in an excepting environment.

  2. I know exactly how you feel – when my daughter went to Uni 3 years ago I stepped out of the “box”. Its great to hear your life story Jay.
    I love kink, bondage etc and now I feel I can express this in exactly the ways I want.
    I write 2 sexblogs and the occasional lifestyle article for sites such as @swingtowns and really enjoy putting accross my point of view regarding sex and relaionships.
    Good sex makes you happy and healthy. You only live once – ENJOY!!!

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