BPK 011: Damn You’re Sexy..But What Race Are You, Eva Giunto?

This episode we have a steamy chat with the sex positive, “Race-Fluid” author and MILF, Eva Giunto. She talks about her adventures in sex, swinging, non-monogamy, open-relationships and race.

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Twitter: @forevagiunto

5 thoughts on “BPK 011: Damn You’re Sexy..But What Race Are You, Eva Giunto?

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  2. This is no such thing as a race preference. To say you find an entire group of people unattractive because they belong to a particular ethnic group is asinine. People of the same ethnicity can vary greatly based on appearence (hair color, eye shape, nose shape, skin tone, etc.). How can you truly say you are un attracted when looks of a particular group can vary GREATLY. Its bigotry, plain and simple.

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