BPK 009: Fetish Photographer Solomon Abrams

This episode babyj and I had the pleasure of chatting with Rope Top and fetish photographer Solomon Abrams about is work primarily featuring gorgeous women of color rope bottoms at UrbanAmericanGallery.com. During our interview, we talk about his take on this unique work in the world of kink and the inspiration for his photography. Say Cheese!

Contact Solomon Abrams and check out his work!

Twitter: @Urban_american

Website: Urban American Gallery

Instagram: #UrbanAmericanGallery

5 thoughts on “BPK 009: Fetish Photographer Solomon Abrams

  1. Thats the first man who made me feel sexy! I still cant believe i posed for him! THANKS SOLOMON for making me feel Sexy as a THICK CHICK!!!!

  2. I truly enjoy Solomon work and the way he see art or creation. He has made many women look beautiful and I’m sure much more secure within themselves. Continue your goals and Kink!!!!

  3. Very well said Sir…have definitely been enjoying the work you do and looking forward to a shoot in the near future…continue to be blessed Sir

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