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Black People Kink is a blog and popular weekly podcast hosted by lifestyle Dominant “Dominus Blue” and submissive “baby j”. As a sexy and experienced, 24/7 Master/slave couple, we talk weekly about issues and topics concerning sex, kink, race, BDSM, polyamory, relationships, education, erotica, love, society, and everything else we feel like. Along with this community-driven blog, and as public-speaking educators, we encourage frank and open dialogue amongst everyone in the world of kink. We believe that only good things happen when color and kink collide!

This site is dedicated to the exploration, celebration, embracing, and encouragement of kink culture. Some of you may wonder, what is “Kink Culture”? Webster defines kink as a sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight. In terms of human sexuality, kink is any “unconventional sexual practices, behavior, concepts or fantasies. In the black community, some folks call it “..being a Freak!” However you define it, we created this site to provide a welcoming space for all those who love kink and diversity.